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Video Journal One


So this is the first video journal in a series of many to come. This is mainly an experimental journal filled with lots of "ums" and excitement. In one week, I hit the road to travel the south in an adventurous road trip to document small southern towns as they have changed due to recent economic and political shifts- centering around how the present COVID 19 pandemic is affecting small businesses and community.

I wanted to get the blog up and running so this is just a "welcome" video. Look forward to several more this week with more substance about what will be happening and subscribe to follow the entirety of my journey.

I'll be camping and conducting photojournalistic research- stay tuned for how I'm prepping with maps, where I'm going, and my criteria for choosing these towns, and how I'll be following CDC guidelines despite traveling and meeting people.

Welcome to my Great American Road Trip.

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