The One With the Website Relaunch

//Just a pic Fiancée took of me eating a burger from a local restaurant because I feel cute in it and today is a day for feeling cute.//

Hi readers,

Welcome to another hodgepodge ramble.

It's official- after over 20 years of talking about it, Kieran Rundle Productions is an official, listened business! This all started when I was a toddler. I would crouch behind chairs and sell my parents paper fans folded from their printer paper and cat toys of waddled up aluminum foil.

Kieran Rundle Productions.

That's how I signed my crayon art. It's on the back of every publication I've made including every edition of Sincerely Magazine. It's how I've identified myself as an entrepreneur. It's in ink, watercolor, oil paint, and lived in my head paying extremely minimal rent forever. I mean. How much can we expect from a business that sold paper fans to three people (who were also the product suppliers) for 25 cents each?

However, today those little dreams became a big reality.

I am ready to put myself first as an artist and build my own platform. Sincerely Magazine is nearing it's 10 Year Anniversary since becoming an LLC and boy have I learned a lot over this past decade. It's time for me to merge all of my side hustles (Rundle Resins, Kieran Krafts, Perky Pug Photography...) into one, branded, identity.

My creative writers, no panic! Sincerely Magazine will be staying an individual entity. With that the mission comes first. If anyone wants to help advise me on how to navigate the paperwork from switching SM from an LLC to NonProfit, please let me know because I'd love to chat! Providing a platform for emerging authors and artists is and will always remain a large part of my goal. Kieran Rundle Productions is simply going to expand my own artistic goals.

Please visit my Shop page for some etsy highlights (though more arts and crafts are on the way as I finally finished unpacking my craft room/home office). I'm open for freelance graphic design projects and illustration designs as well.

Also stay tuned for the instagram relaunch!

Welcome to the brand that was tucked between the pages of my ideas: Kieran Rundle Productions. While this blog post had a purpose, the next one I'm planning is about how one day three gallons of milk appeared on my doorstep. Subscribe to stay in the know and learn more about this quirky life I live.