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New Product Drop: Charcuterie Boards & Paint Palettes

3 new whole product launches on Etsy? Yes please.

Two styles of charcuterie boards on food safe resin and a galaxy style paint palate! All three are entirely new molds never seen before on Kieran Rundle Products.

Find my Etsy here!


Getting back into resin pouring these past couple weeks has been a gift to my mental health.

I haven't touched any of my molds or supplies since I moved last spring. Up until a couple months ago, my Fiancee and I shared a 1 bedroom apartment in the heart of the city. We just upgraded and now I have my own space to craft again with an empty desk dedicated doing things that make me sparkle.

There's something therapeutic about laying down the cardboard and newspaper, gathering up all my mixing supplies, and prepping the molds. The rhythm of pouring and mixing the resin slowly with a ginormous popsicle stick makes me feel like a scientist conducting a beautiful experiment. Taking those five to eight minutes doing nothing but mixing resin is a form of meditation.

I was surprised I liked working with epoxy. I am an impatient creature when it comes to forming new skills. During spring 2020, the start of the pandemic, I ordered a kit on a whim after seeing a friend in high school do it on Instagram. In the thick of that chaos- I skipped bread baking and went straight into crafting.

I painstakingly pressed flowers in anticipation. I gathered up marbles, pebbles, and leaves. My body was stuck within the confines of quarantine but my mind was ready to create.

It takes about 24 hours to see the finished product of a little resin piece. Up until that time the epoxy has to cure in its silicone mold.

I thought I would hate the waiting but that's what has kept me hooked on it more than any other material art I've tried. When I make a piece of resin- I am excited for the next 24 hours. I am giddy. There is just something that brings me a youthful excitement about waiting for the hour, rushing to the mold, and eagerly seeing what my careful hours of work brought into the world. Sometimes everything can seem desolate, but when I get to unwrap a fresh creation, there is a reason to get up in the morning-- seeing my creations.

Not every unveiling is a celebration. Curved coasters, bubble filled christmas ornaments, molding flowers, and many other stumps pop up but I find that gives me an opportunity to surf Instagram how to reels and call it "work."

Over the past year my hands have craved the physicality of resin crafting. Painting, scrapbooking, and my other hands on art just did not fulfill the therapeutic time of resin. I found myself constantly busy with a new city, new friends, new relationship, new job, and with little time nor space in my world to carve out for such a lingering process.

Moving apartments came just at the moment my mental health teetered. The craft room/home office space was a gift. One of the first things I unpacked was my resin supplies. Empty space. An outlet for the heat gun. I was ready.

The morning after my final day at my old job I had my calendar cleared.

Kieran Rundle was going to create again.

Now, three weeks later, ensure time for the meditative chemistry of resin art. I'm taking blocks of my weekends and evenings to mix and pour. I am making time for me again.

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