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Journal Sixteen - June 22

Hi everyone,

The past three weeks have been an absolute fantasy. I was able to live out dreams as a researcher while being funded to travel- if that's not the dream I'm not sure what is.

Now- It's time for me to be a tourist. While looking over photos and doing internet research, I will also be breathing and taking a little summer vacation. This cross country trip is something I've dreamed about since I was 14 (well, at least that's when I made the spotify playlist). Now is a time for fun, for openly expressing my political views vocally (not just on social media) instead of repressing a voice as to not taint the research. . . . now is when Fun Kieran will make an appearance.

The three weeks of research were an absolute delight filled with pure joy- I must admit that my introvert self will appreciate having a little bit of time without composed conversations with strangers.

I cannot thank everyone who helped make the past three weeks exist enough. You are helping me achieve my goals. Thank you for believing in me. It has been a dream. I'll keep on going with these videos (a little less edited and a little more footage now that my head isn't buried in my notebook) about the wild life of Kieran Rundle and Natalie Dyke.

I hope you enjoy these as well and getting to see more of my personality than just research kieran. Thank you. I am honestly out here living the best life I can and it's a beautiful one, pandemic and all.

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