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about kieran rundle

Kieran Rundle Productions originated when as a toddler, Kieran scrunched up printer paper into fans and cat toys and sold them to her parents for 25 cents a piece. 

In 2014 the real productions began when she launched Sincerely Magazine -- a publication that highlights the work of emerging authors and artists. With blind judging, it takes the resume of the writer out of the process and publishes soley based on quality and content. The magazine took off not only in her school, but internationally with authors from Egypt, India, Greece, England, and more. 

Now, the business focuses on the crafts Kieran creates herself. She sews little felt and fabric plush creatures (spending most of her time then after informing her pug that those are, in fact, not for her.) During the throws of the pandemic she started dabbling in Resin art and creating little knick knacks and recently she has gotten into glass etching and wood scorching. 

Kieran majored in Photography & Print Media at Old Dominion University and credits many of her skills today on classes and projects she did with friends. 

Enjoy perusing the website and hopefully ordering a craft or scheduling a photoshoot or two. 

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